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March 18, 2017

The Story of Bill Clinton's IGNORED Son: Danney Williams

I am promoting this video because the Clinton's should be completely ashamed of themselves. It's bad enough that Hillary the Monster actually got close to being President, but now she is trying to become Mayer of New York. These people are utterly heartless, and have no place in public service whatsoever.

Contrast the video above, with the below below.


If the Clinton's can't even show love and support to Bills own son (or even acknowledge him), how on earth can they be trusted in ANY public service role?

..and the excuse: "Oh, that's Bill's son, not Hillary's", so "what has this got to do with Hillary?" .. it's got EVERYTHING to do with Hillary. Hillary knows exactly who Danney Williams is. She looked right into his eyes when he stood in the crowd, trying to get close with the dad that disowned him.

Hillary is directly responsible for making sure Danney never knew his dad, as you'll find out in the first video.


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