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March 18, 2017

Dr. Steven Greer says he was on a UFO with Multiple ETs

At what point do you stop a guy and say: "Dude, um.. yeah, I've been listening to you, but in all honesty, I have reached the conclusion that you've lost the plot. Please stop".. "No really, just stop"?

Steven Greer titles himself "Dr" Steven Greer, because he used to be an MD back in the day. However, since he's been making videos for years saying that he's been on UFO's and has been visited by aliens, is there any hospital or clinic that would hire him today? Personally, I don't think so. His stories are getting more and more weirs and "fantastic" as the years pass. Why was't he saying all this stuff 5 years ago? It seems to me he is just losing the plot and becoming a obsessive, compulsive yarn teller.

Here's what I think of Dr Seven Greer

Greer is being manipulated and coerced by extradimensional entities (aka demons of the Bible). I know this because I was pulled into very similar things (including "contact" when I was a little kid). I am glad I found Jesus; as I have been set free. I believe that Greer believes what he is saying is true, and experienced these things to one extent or another -- however, he is being pulled into the great deception. Not only that, but he is being a great facilitator of it. All I have left to say to people is: If you want the real truth, seek Jesus. Not man-made religion -- but Jesus. Read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and learn about the example that Jesus left and demonstrated to us. That is where you'll find true freedom and eternal life, by following that example; giving reverence always to the the MOST HIGH -- I AM that I AM.

I wholeheartedly believe that Greer, at the behest of dark forces in unseen places, is trying to set himself up as an authority and a "guru" so that he can get as many people as he can to listen to him (which is what the "entities" were trying to get me to do). I am not totally convinced that he's outright lying. I tend to believe that Steven Greer believes what he is saying; but I think what is coming out of his mouth is a mix of delusion, hype and exaggeration. I think Steven Greer is heavily influenced by dark forces; an Antichrist spirit.

Don't get me wrong, I BELIEVE there are UFO's around (Unidentified Flying Objects), but I personally believe they were made right here on earth. I think the technology is indeed from other realms, but not the crafts themselves.

There are other phenomena which can be seen in the skies which are supernatural in nature, but they're not "aliens" -- they are extradimensional.


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