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February 16, 2017

If You're Sick of Liberals: #RaiseYourHand

Update: 18th Feb, 2017 - A post on my personal facebook page. This post has page has been shared hundreds of times on facebook in the past 36 hours. Conservatives, keep it up. One thing I'd like to make clear: In the video, I am referring to "neo-liberalism". ie: The horde of globalist serving henchmen, that have been lulled and brainwashed into subservience to the system (which, I assure you, is a beast).

Let's show the liberals how insignificant their rantings are: #RaiseYourHand I created this video because I am sick and tired of [neo] liberals living in some kind of delusion, that they could ever overpower the greater power of good. They are a clear minority, but are emboldened by an evil global elite that has a loud mouthpiece; so those that have become subservient to the system live in a false sense of victory; a constructed, megalomaniacal paradigm. The whole situation is pathetic and petty; and painfully tragic to those that are awake. I know for a fact that the conservatives and patriots of the world are the MAJORITY, so let's show the liberals, but more importantly: THEIR MASTERS how many of us there really are. Make a video raising your hand. Make a comment about how deluded liberals really are. Share and repost this with the hashtag: #RaiseYourHand.

Note: You can also tweet the hashtag: #RaiseYourHand along with a short comment in support of freedom, or you can simply respond in the comments (of this page, facebook or twitter) with a hand emoji, or the hashtag #RaiseYourHand. The point is, lets' fill the Internet with the hashtag: #RaiseYourHand, to show that the evil in this world doesn't know who they're messing with. We all talk about "people power", the "power of the people". Well, now is a time to demonstrate it. You don't even have to like to the page for video, but make a post with the hashtag: #RaiseYourHand.

Some of my articles (withh provide further depth to what I am saying in this video):

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