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February 14, 2017

A NEPHLIM Giant -- Not! Ferguson Nephlim Giant Super Soldier Debunked.

Ok, so in the video above, the woman talking is insisting that the soldier up NEAR the curb must be some kind of super soldier -- because of the perspective, he seems to be about eight feet tall. However, I would like to be the very first to debunk this silly conspiracy theory, before it gains any traction.

Look at the above video at 3:17. If you play it a couple of times, you will clearly see that yes, the guy's feet are indeed behind the curb, but they are all standing at the bottom of a slope (except the guy up near the curb). If you watch it over a few times, you will clearly see that the guy on the far right is actually behind the soldier up near the curb. They guy up near the curb and the guy to the far right kind of cross over at one point, and if your eyes aren't painted on, you'll see that the guy to the far right is clearly BEHIND the guy up near the curb. Watch it a few times and you'll see.

Sorry, the Ferguson giant super solider conspiracy theory is debunked.

This is NOT a "super solider" people. I'm not saying super soldiers don't exist, but this is simply an optical illusion. The video should probably be uploaded to the popular YouTube channel: quirkology, which has over 2 million views and is fill of optical illusions.

So, when you see this video come up in conspiracy circles, just refer them to this page.


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