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April 15, 2017

Steven Greer is a Story Teller

You know how everyone used to think Steven Seagal was cool? Like, everyone thought all his moves were cool and everything he said was true. He made a million wild claims and boasted. He did this for decades and everything thought he was just the coolest guy around. Well, then some people started calling him out and it turns out that the vast majority of his "stories" were either exaggerated or completely fabricated. He basically has a narcissistic disorder where he designed his whole life around winning admiration from people. Everything he said and claimed was believable. He was really good at it. But now.. pretty much everyone thinks he is a douche bag, a liar, a sh*t spinner and a sad old guy looking for attention. Well, that's the road Steven Greer is going down.He has the same disorder and everyone listening to him is just giving him the benefit of the doubt, because well.. wouldn't it be SO COOL if what he was saying is true? Let me assure you, Greer works for and is funded by the global elite. He's talking crap.. filling everyone's ears with tall stories. Oh, there's truth mixed in with it all, but not much.


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