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February 23, 2017

Explanation of Urijah Faber vs Jason Ellis

On the comment section of this video, there are literally hundreds of comments asking what on earth is going on, and why is Dr Drew in the corner. The funniest comments is:

"This event is like some weird dream you have, that you vaguely remember in the morning."

Other questions: Why is Urijah Faber wearing Jeans? Who is Jason Ellis? Why is he fighting Urijah Faber before fighting some other guy? It's all kind of weird and really does seem like the flashbacks of some weird, trippy dream!

Please let me explain: This was an exhibition event called: "Ellismania"; specifically, this was Ellismania 10. The event is held by an Australian Radio Host names Jason Ellis, who is also an avid mix martial artist, which actually has a fight record on sherdog.

In the video above, Urijah Faber goes hammer and tong on Eiils. Faber is wearing jeans because it was just an exhibition match. However, Ellis fought 10 people that night, each for one minute round. He has already fought many people and still had several people to go after Faber has a go at him.

You can see his is visibly exhausted after his bout with Faber, so all in all he did pretty well. The event has been running for 10 years.


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