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November 1, 2017

UFC Presents, GSP: A Legend Returns


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Georges St-Pierre was an all-time great UFC champion, an international superstar, with blue-chip sponsors and a budding film career, whose dominant run inside the Octagon showed no end in sight. Suddenly, in 2013, just entering his athletic prime, the man known to millions simply as “GSP” walked away from it all, relinquishing his title and retiring at the height of his powers.

Now after nearly four years away, GSP returns to the sport he once ruled to challenge Michael Bisping for the UFC title, and to face the demons that drove him away. This film will explore the complex backstory and complicated personality of St-Pierre, whose experience as a youth tormented by bullies lead him to an obsessive pursuit of martial arts, and to ultimately becoming the best fighter on the planet. GSP tells us in his own words why he left, how he spent his self-imposed exile, and what to expect from the resurrection of GSP in November of this year.


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