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March 12, 2017

Mayweather's Disingenuous Announcement: "I'm out of Retirement for Conor McGregor"

Mayweather's speech that he has come out of retirement especially for Conor McGregor is completely disingenuous, and I can see straight through it. First of all, to Conor McGregor, it always has been about the money. So saying: "Don't worry about the money just sign the contract" is ridiculous. Secondly, he knows that Conor McGregor is going to reject those terms -- so his whole little speech, after asking everyone to turn their cameras on is completely disingenuous and FAKE. I'm calling B.S.

Mayweather says that Conor McGregor has been blowing smoke up everyone's ass, but this little speech of Mayweather's is transparent and seethrough. He obviously does not want to fight McGregor and is pretending that he is calling McGregor's bluff -- and when McGregor doesn't sign the contract (which he WON'T under those terms), he's going to try to say McGregor wasn't serious.

Mayweather, make the contract 50/50. McGregor is just a big a name as you now. You're not the A card. If you don't want people to think you're blowing smoke up people's asses, then just sign the contract at 50/50.


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