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February 11, 2017

Depeche Mode - Where's the Revolution

"Where's The Revolution" from the new album 'Spirit' out March 17th.

So many people trying to pigeonhole this song into their own ideology. So hypocritical. You're missing the big obvious. It's about all controlling ideologies. Political, religious, etc. They're all self-serving and rarely serve the people. War and hatred. It's not anti-government, its pro-voice of the people. It's satirical in the sense that every sentence has a double meaning. "They Manipulate and Threaten with Terror as a Weapon" being the most obvious example. That sentence covers both a) governments that use the fear of "Terror" as control b) the ideological asshat terrorists that blow shit up. It's not one or the other.

The imagery of them pushing a pulpit around and saying what they need to say in order to gain votes, followers, or control (get on board, WE'RE the truly righteous ones, HONEST!) isn't isolated to any single government in the past. It's a part of all of them. Abuse and manipulation occurs and it's because there is rarely any true honesty behind the power of leadership & leadership of power. Anton uses historical imagery in the sense that Carl Jung does, as archetypes.

If anything, this song in the most simplest of meanings is an anti-propaganda piece.

-Aaron Nope


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