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March 10, 2017

Social Justice Warriors - So Dependent on the System, they Fight to Protect it.

Let this video serve as evidence that the social justice warriors are servants of the enemy. They are completely and utterly brainwashed and psychologically/emotionally controlled by the system that is trying to enslave us all. These SJW's have not been able to rise above the programming. Social Justice warriors are conditioned; Borg slaves, filled with evil and darkness.

This is what happens to people when they lose their ability to think for themselves and rely solely on the state to look after them. These people, on a spiritual level, know that Hillary = "The System" and Trump = "Freedom, and Personal Responsibility". That is why they fell to their knees, screamed, cried in groups - and set out to tear up America, burning flags, cars -- rioting, vandalising public property and generally just behaving demonically.

In the first paragraph I originally wrote that social justice warriors are " the enemy" -- however, I edited it to say they are "servants of the enemy", because truly, these people are mind control victims. There can be no doubt about it. They are the walking sum of the globalist controlled education system and the globalised owned, controlled and run media and entertainment monopoly.

Social Justice Warriors are Mind Control Victims

These social justice warriors claim that Trump is destroying America, as they go out and destroy America themselves.


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