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June 16, 2019

Most Black Women Aren't Loyal or Faithful

I came across this video and it really resonated with me. I can't speak for black women, or black people in general (as I am a white guy), and the guy in this video is referring to black women, but this goes for all women of all backgrounds. There are good and bad in all races. I am not singling out black women, I am just agreeing with what this guy is saying (in general).

In the video the guy says that if you throw a heap of rocks into a pack of dogs -- the dog that barks is the one that got hit. So, if any women is offended by this video, that's because she is convicted. It's that simple.

There's nothing worse than being around a woman who's all out for herself. Such a woman will not stand by her man. She might not be cheating, per se (yet), but the spirit of wanting to attract, flirt with and get cosy with other guys is a very close cousin to the spirit of cheating. If a woman is disrespecting her man when the chips are low, and giving all her attention to other guys, as if she's still single -- as if she's half playing the field (calling her man "jealous" if he has anything to say about it) -- that's a woman who will eventually cheat on you. You're better off letting such a women go, because she'll be nothing but a nightmare for you.

You can recognise such a woman because she will become aggravated, aggressive, abusive and overly defensive if you question her activities, even in the slightest way. A LOYAL women will ,never be even slightly upset by any kind of enquiry. Also, a loyal women wouldn't behave in such a way that would warrant any real need for critical inquiry.

There are a lot of woman who go to church every week, but they don't behave like they know God. They are attracted to the religion and dogma. Really, church is just another place for them to see what they can get. Women who are all out for themselves love the "prosperity message" (which is not Biblical). Often, they think they can get blessings from God, like he is some sort of genie; but when they leave the church, they'll swear at people, cuss them out, HIT them, abuse them verbally, get in arguments, treat people badly, be mean and act like a regular demon. Then they'll go back to church the next week hugging people, acting like a regular princess. You should keep such a woman out of your life, because she will give you nothing but trouble. Such women are fakes, and they will full on abuse you if you demonstrate in any way that you're onto them, or can see through their charade. The mask will come off.

A GOOD woman stands by her man. She will be happy to give her attention to her man. She will make sure her man KNOWS she only has eyes for him. It won't be a chore for her, because she will be delighted to do so -- always caring and nurturing about his feelings, always ready to support him and spend time with him. And, of course, a good man will treat his women like a princess.

A bad woman always has someone else to talk to. She is always on her phone, trying to get attention, more happy to receive (and solicit) compliments from every Tom, Dick and Harry than to acknowledge the love she already has from the man who has given her his heart and his whole life.

I know there are men that suck too. Don't get me wrong. However, as a male, I can only speak for how I feel about the behaviour of fake women, as that's where my experience lies. There will be women who can write about whore monger men too -- so more power to them.

Women complain that there are no good men around. That's not true. There are heaps of genuine, well-meaning, loving, affectionate, TRUSTWORTHY and LOYAL men around; men who will look after their woman until their last breath. However, if a woman is more interested in "the deal", what she's getting out if it, and starts mistreating her man because things aren't 100% how she expected or wants it to be -- instead of supporting her man and growing in life together, then she will lose that man; she'll probably throw him out her front door herself, like a fool. Then, she will try man after man until, she's become nothing more than a prostitute (for all intents and purposes), she will wind up with children by a man (or multiple men) with really bad hearts who will give the woman grief for the rest of their life, and they will only WISH and pray that they had the genuine guy back. But it will be too late.


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